The Vboard API transforms any application’s keyboard into a video streaming platform as simply as opening a gif or sticker library.

The Vboard API:

Vboard API is a freely available B2B service that integrates quality streaming video content seamlessly with mobile platforms, messaging services and apps.

Benefits for your users

Users can watch streaming content and read and type messages on the same screen. Their viewing is not disrupted even when they switch conversations or applications.

Benefits for API partners

Vboard integration adds retention and revenue opportunities to your mobile platform, and ensures a consistency of user experience while providing additional rich content features. Get Vboard Working for your platform

Benefits for Publisher Partners

Content on Vboard provides opportunities for video publishers, broadcasters, brands and advertisers to enter the huge messaging services and text features eco-system without invading personal conversations.

Get Vboard Working for your platform.

Vboard API offers huge opportunities to platforms to grow revenues and increase retention.

Vboard API technology provides a framework to add an interface to any text based application or in-app feature, enabling end-users to choose or find, and watch video content.

Vboard API technology provides a framework to:

Our quality OTT Video Content is provided by blue-tick titles, house hold publishers, and Vboard content partners.
Our channels include; Music, Entertainment, Sport, Food, lifestyle, News and much more.

You can also put your own video assets through the Vboard API to build an internal solution.

Vboard API is fully customizable to your platform.

How does it work?

The model is simple, businesses license the use of Vboard API for their platforms, accessing our videos, our content management system and analytics reporting. Entry level to access the API is free.

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Vboard API works for Fleksy.

The Fleksy keyboard has 5 million users and 50 miliion monthly sessions. Their Android integration with Vboard in 2019, provided great validation for our API.

Vboard as part of ‘Fleksyapp's' became the first service to provide OTT video to the messaging eco-system.

From December 2019 to January 2020 Vboard videos were accessed over 50k times on Fleksy.

About Vboard.

Problem: People watch their favorite videos and conduct conversations with their favorite people on a mix of applications and different screens. Why the added friction?

Why can’t people watch the best OTT video content wherever they type, or post and chat from wherever they watch?

Solution: Vboard, the b2b service that delivers quality streaming video and accompanying technology via API’s to mobile apps, messaging services, and platforms.

Allowing end-users to find & watch quality videos in-platform while seamlessly engaging with the application's core functionality.

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